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чайная плантация игра на деньги

Чайная плантация игра на деньги

Buy tea bushes in « the Store ». Plant them on « the Playing field ». Collect tea after a little while at your convenience and the administration will buy the collected tea back. Receive funds to your e-wallets or buy bushes again in the Store.

Golden-Tea отзывы и комментарии

Чайная плантация игра на деньги purchase a tea bush, you need to replenish game balance. In our pin up онлайн казино бест you can buy bushes of three types. The larger the bush, the more leaves it brings. To plant a bush on the field, you need to drag it to the "playing field", or click first on the bush, and then on a free cell in the field.

Once you have a certain number of coins, you can improve the bush to the next level. The cost of improvement depends on the size of the bush: for small - 90 coinsfor medium - coins.

чайная плантация игра на деньги

To enlarge a bush, select it and игра вектор мод много денег click on the button. At any time, you can collect all the leaves grown on your bushes. For every 40 leaves you will receive 1 gold and 1 coin. Every day, your playing field can be attacked by a flock чайная плантация игра на деньги hungry birds that can peck part of the harvested crop.

To avoid this, buy the Scarecrow in the game store and then place it on the field.

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After this, the birds will not attack your plantation! Other players can send чайная плантация игра на деньги thieves to казино львы field, in order to rob part of the harvest.

To avoid this, purchase in the game store and set it on the field. After that, no thief will be able to get to your plantation!

Having spent 15 units of energyyou send a squad of cunning thieves to the field of another player, which is randomly selected.

чайная плантация игра на деньги

If successful, you will receive a portion of the harvested crop of чайная плантация игра на деньги player. If you want to move a bush, a scarecrow or a watchdog back to your inventory, use the button: just select the object on the field and click on the button. Please note that the items in the inventory do not work: the bushes will not produce crops, the чайная плантация игра на деньги will not protect against bird attacks, and the guard dog will not scare thieves продажа денег на игры you put the items back on the playing field.

Your bushes need regular watering. You do it automatically upon harvest collecting. If the bushes do not receive enough water, they will cease to please you with a large harvest: If you do not water your field for 3 days, your harvest will be full.

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To do this, press the button, after which your bushes will be watered automatically! The cost of this function is 5 energy per day.

чайная плантация игра на деньги

By pressing the button, within 1 hour you will receive 10 times more leaves! Cost of function: 10 units of чайная плантация игра на деньги. The conditions for the purchase of game resources, the conditions of affiliate rewards, as well as the conditions for withdrawing funds are described in detail in User agreement.

Golden-Tea Rules Brief playing algorithm:. Подробные правила игры: In our store you can buy bushes of three types.]



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